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360 Degree Feedback

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360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback is a process where an individual receives confidential and anonymous feedback regarding his/her performance. As the term 360 degree suggests the feedback is collated from people around them: their manager (the person they report to); their peers (the people working at the same level in the organisation); their direct reports (the people that they manage). The individual will also complete a questionnaire about themselves and often other groups of people can be included such as customers, suppliers or other stakeholders.

How can 360 degree feedback help you?

360 degree feedback can be effectively used to support business initiatives including: leadership development; building management capability; implementing strategic changes; organisational communication; performance management and succession planning.

Why Aspasia Consultants?

  • We use an easy step by step process to create a tailored report using your company's branding and competencies
  • We work with you to design it to your specifications
  • We create a personalised logon for each individual completing the feedback to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and all feedback given is accurate and useful
  • We create clear, easy to understand, user friendly reports
  • We provide coaching for individuals to help interpret their own report
  • We can also provide follow up coaching support sessions to ensure effective personal development plans are being achieved

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