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ILM Leadership and Management Qualifications

ILM's leadership and management qualifications help you develop the skills, knowledge and personal abilities you need to succeed.

If you are leading a team for the first time or preparing to step up to senior management, the innovative design of our qualifications means you can fast-track your progression and target training to your precise needs.

Get the right level

Qualification levels broadly equate to your level of management experience. The higher the qualification level, the more complex the skills and knowledge you'll need to gain the qualification, and the more unsupervised learning you’ll need to do.

Award, Diploma or Certificate?

Most ILM qualifications come in three different sizes, depending on how in-depth the qualification is and how long it will take you to complete it.

  • Award is the shortest and most concise qualification
  • Certificate provides a broad base of knowledge and skills
  • Diploma is the most comprehensive qualification, with an extensive programme of learning

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