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ILM Qualifications

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Why choose ILM?

ILM has the UK’s widest range of leadership and management qualifications, recognised training programmes and membership services.

Over 750,000 managers have benefited from an ILM qualification or recognised training programme in the past ten years, while 35,000 managers are now members of ILM.

Why choose Aspasia Consultants?

  • We are a consulting, development and coaching company
  • We are an approved ILM centre
  • We help organisations improve performance through the development of leaders, managers and employees
  • We are friendly, approachable and supportive
  • We behave with honesty, integrity, openness and in the best interests of our clients
By investing in management development, organisations can ensure that their leaders are confident in their abilities and able to lead employees through the challenging times ahead. Nurturing efficient leaders through management development is the single most cost-effective investment an organisation can make to enhance the performance and efficiency of its staff.

Nicky Donnelly

After an ILM qualification

  • 93% of managers perform better in their jobs
  • 90% of managers improve their ability to communicate and give feedback
  • 90% of managers are better at motivating people

ILM's unique learning model – the Knowing-Doing-Being Framework

The Knowing – Doing – Being framework takes into account all aspects of good leadership and management and how it works in practice, recognising the need for well-rounded development.

The ILM Knowing-Doing-Being Framework