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Aspasia Consultants - our services

Who we are

We are an innovative management and training company. We deliver outstanding service through our team of highly skilled and motivated consultants.

Why Aspasia Consultants?

We have maintained the excellent relationships built with our clients since 2006 when our business started trading.

The service we provide is underpinned by our core set of values and our behaviour.

We are skilled, competent and proficient to work with clients across a wide range of knowledge, skills and development areas
We are conscientious in all matters
We behave with honesty, integrity, openness and in the best interests of our clients
We achieve excellent results in our delivery of tailor-made solutions
We are candid and logical in our approach
We are enthusiastic, innovative and supportive and embrace change
We are energetic practical and diligent and deliver on our promises

How we work with you

We believe in working in partnership with our clients.

We like to learn about your organisation, culture, values and requirements.

We listen to your thoughts and views and involve you as much or as little as you want when building and developing solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Consulting Approach model

Our Consulting
Current State
We work with you to assess the situation. What's happening now?
We measure the success of the project and evaluate if further initiatives would be appropriate
We help you to monitor progress
We deliver the solutions in the right way to suit your business
Design and Development
We design and develop innovative programmes to resolve your situation
Build Action Plan
We agree with you the timescales and then put a plan of action together for your agreement
Define Methodology
We discuss and agree with you the right approach for each activity
Goals and Objectives
We like to understand the goals and objectives of your business to ensure we can align any assignments
Future State
We explore with you what you want to achieve, how you want this to look, feel, be
Values and Principles
We make sure we understand the values and principles of your business

Sectors where we work

Our expertise, skills and capabilities in areas such as leadership, development, sales, customer service, performance management and education are suited to different business sectors.

  • Public Sector
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Not For Profit
  • Retail Banking
  • Utility Services
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