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HR Health Check

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​Effective HR strategies are essential to ensure your business objectives are achieved.

​The complexities of legislation, codes of conduct and changes required by the government can be challenging for Business Owners, Directors and Managers. It is important that you ensure your HR policies, processes and procedures are up to date and compliant.

​You may have HR policies and procedures in place. Can you be certain that they comply with current employment legislation? It can be difficult to keep up to date with changes in Employment law and best practices.

​Aspasia Consultants Ltd provides advice and guidance in Human Resources disciplines. Try our HR Health-check now.

Aspasia Consultants HR Health-check

We aim to help you to identify HR areas that are impacting on the time, energy of you and/or your managers.

If you are not sure or are concerned about whether any of your HR processes and documents comply with current legislation or you spend too much time reacting to HR situations, try our mini HR Health-check.

Our health-check will help you understand what you are doing well and where you need to take action.

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Here are a series of questions to answer about your current HR practices - answer honestly and when finished find out your score.

Do you struggle to get the right people for your business? *
Do you have a high turnover of employees? *
Do you have an employee handbook? *
Do your managers manage under-performers effectively?
Do you have a mentor scheme? *
Do all your employees have development plans? *
Do you provide training and development for all employees? *
Do you have a management succession plan? *
Do you provide regular management development for your managers? *
Do your managers deal with disciplinary or grievance situations effectively? *
Do you have high employee absence? *
Do your managers positively influence change initiatives? *